☆ memes/features

weekly memes:

☆ on my wishlist
☆ in my mailbox
☆ stacking the shelves

☆ teaser tuesday
☆ top ten tuesday

☆ waiting on wednesday
☆ www wednesday

☆ book blogger hop

weekly features:
☆ manga monday
☆ friday night lights
☆ soundtrack saturday

other features:
☆ eye on indies
☆ your daily moment of zen

☆ 100+ books in a year: 2011
☆ debut authors challenge: 2011
☆ all 2012 challenges
☆ all 2013 challenges

2 thoughts on “☆ memes/features

  1. Hey love your blog. I am doing a lot of these challenges as well. Could you give me advice on “how to keep them all up or going?” It is tougher than I thought it would be. Thanks your fan, Jackie Paulson

    • Some advice? Well, since I’m a freelance translator and work is really slow right now, I do have a lot of time on my hands, so I do get more time to do these challenges than a lot of bloggers out there.

      But I advise that you make as much time as you can in order to keep up with your challenges. This means that you take time for YOU, since reading is really the epitome of “me time”.

      That and have a TBR list that threatens to smother you in your sleep. I have over 200 books on my backlog, so there’s a good example there. 🙂


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