☆ your daily moment of zen.

Also known as “the editorial posts” – posts I make when I’m feeling highly opinionated on a non-fiction topic, or other miscellaneous writing that’s not fiction or reviews.

april 28, 2012: On Sirengate and beyond.
january 24, 2012: the pink cemetery, or, how i participated in “pink smog”
january 18, 2012: today’s #SOPAOPERA, protests, and my love for all of you.
january 17, 2012: #SOPASTRIKE announcement
september 11, 2011: the obligatory 9/11 post
june 13, 2011: #yasaves, the wsj article, and me
march 29, 2011: why i blog about books, why i want to write
february 22, 2011: the post-millennial lifestyle lolita
january 11, 2011: on lolita & the lgbtq community
january 05, 2011: on the end of “umineko no naku koro ni”, witches, & mysteries


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