In My Mailbox ♡: Week 51

What is In My Mailbox?
In My Mailbox was started in November of 2008. What it all came down to was this: I get books to read and then ultimately share my thoughts about with my readers. As much as I want to, I can’t possibly read every book I receive. Yet, I still wanted a way to feature those books on the blog, even though it might not be in the form of a review. Problem solved!

Week 51: Here’s what’s in my mailbox this week!


1. “Fair Coin” by E.C. Myers – via Pyr/Prometheus publishing – thanks!

2. “A Long Long Sleep” by Anna Sheehan – library

3. “Bewitching” by Alex Flinn – library

4. “The Fame Game” by Lauren Conrad – via HarperTeen – thanks, guys!

5. “A Confusion of Princes” by Garth Nix – via HarperTeen – thanks, guys!

6. “Arise (Hereafter #2)” by Tara Hudson – via HarperTeen – thanks, guys!

7. “For the Darkness Shows the Stars” by Diana Peterferund – via HarperTeen – thanks, guys!

8. “Despera” by Yoshitoshi ABe – bought

9. “The Hunger Games Tribute Guide” by Emily Seife

♡ DVD:

1. “Never Let Me Go” – library

2. “Masterpiece Theatre – Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park” – library

3. “Downton Abbey: Season 2” – bought

A lot of fun stuff this week! First a huge thanks to the always awesome HarperTeen – you guys rock! I think I yelled when I saw “For the Darkness” in my package – definitely one of my most-excited-about books for summer! Thanks to Pyr for providing a copy of “Fair Coin” – it was great! And I couldn’t believe that Book Off actually had a copy of “Despera” – I’m a ridiculously huge Yoshitoshi ABe fan, collect his art and his books as much as possible, and I’d been wondering when this had been published when it just kind of showed up in front of my face in the store. It’s a little hard to read though because it’s written in pre-spelling shift Japanese, so I might have to use my dictionary and work a little harder than usual. Either way, I’m happy. And of course, I’ll watch anything with Billie Piper in it, and now that includes “Mansfield Park”. My library is awesome, guys, because they also had in the “HG Tribute Guide” – which was really fun to read. I’m so ridiculously excited for the movie now. And again, is my shopping spirit animal since they had “Downton” season 2 for ridiculously cheap. I have to get to reading/watching all of this, now!


1. “Tempest Unleashed (Tempest #2)” by Tracy Deebs – NetGalley/Bloomsbury USA

2. “Romeo Redeemed (Juliet Immortal #2)” by Stacey Jay – NetGalley/Random House Children’s

3. “The Academie” by Susanne Dunlap – NetGalley/Bloomsbury USA

4. “Something Like Normal” by Trish Doller – NetGalley/Bloomsbury USA Children’s

I’m especially excited for “Romeo Redeemed” – this gives me a chance to get off my arse and read “Juliet Immortal”, which has been just sitting on my tbr shelf by the bed for a few months. Same for “Tempest Unleashed”. I was given the rec for “Something Like Normal” by Jessica Spotswood, so I took it (since she’s pretty awesome) and I’m not sure how to feel about “The Academie” since I just finished it and am pondering over how to review it. Otherwise, as always, a huge thanks to NetGalley and their partners. You guys are wonderful.



None this week!



None this week!


What was in your mailbox this past week?

70 thoughts on “In My Mailbox ♡: Week 51

  1. Sweet haul! I had to add Bewitching & A Long Long Sleep to my TBR & wishlists! A Long Long Sleep was already in my GR TBR list – guess I forgot about it, but it’s only $3.49 for the Kindle edition… yay! I’ve read Never Let Me Go, but haven’t seen the movie yet! I imagine it to be kinda like a chick flick version of The Island maybe. Hope you like it & all your new reads! 😀

    • The original book for “Never Let Me Go” (I had to read it for a class last year) is simply amazing but definitely not chick lit, so we’ll have to see where the actual movie takes us, I guess. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your books this week, too!

      Also the idea of a chick lit version of “The Island” made me chuckle. ❤

      Thanks for visiting!

    • I have seen the second season of Downton – I watched along on PBS when they showed it. And now I’m hearing that Shirley McLaine is joining the cast of season 3?! I think as Cora’s mother? I’m so excited! I need that season now!

      Your IMM this week is pretty awesome, too! Thanks for visiting!

    • I hope you do get to read these soon! They sound awesome so hopefully I can get to them soon, too! Thanks for visiting and have a good week reading!

    • “The Fame Game” is definitely not my usual fare of reading, so it should be interesting to read. I can’t wait to get to it and the rest! Thank you so much for stopping by in return! ❤

  2. Really want to read For The Darkness Shows. I just started watching Downton Abbey – like really just started – finished S1e1 yesterday – but I look forward to watching the rest of the season and then start on all of the S2 episodes that are clogging up the DVR!
    – Jessica @ Book Sake

    • Oh man, you’re going to be so addicted! I can’t wait for season 3 (it sounds awesome so far and not many details have been released), and the US release of the DVD for season 2 has the Christmas special on it (I don’t think the UK release does). I hope you enjoy it all!

      My review for “Darkness” should be up in May, so look forward to it then. Thanks for visiting!

    • Oh man, don’t I know it. I have a few reviews due within the next two weeks alone so I better get to reading. 😀 Thanks for visiting me back!

  3. Oooh! For the Darkness Shows the Stars! I’m so curious about that one, I loved Peterfreund’s novel Rampant. Awesome picks from Netgalley, too! 🙂

    Happy reading!

    • I loved “Rampant”, too, which is why I requested “Darkness” – I’m hoping it’ll be just as if not more awesome. My review will be up in May, so you can check it out then!

      Thank you for visiting! ❤

    • I just finished “The Academie” and found that it dragged a fair bit until the last half of the book. Oh well. I did like it, though, and my review will be coming soon!

      Thank you for visiting! 😀

  4. Oh my gosh, I’d be cheering too if I got For Darkness Shows the Stars — doesn’t it sounds AMAZING?? And that cover is so pretty too! I really hope you like it so it will give me the OKAY to buy it when it comes out! x) And I forgot all about the companion to Juliet Immortal! The first book was really sweet, and I think you might like it! 😉

    Super-amazing mailbox this week, Usagi!! I hope you love every single book you got — I can’t wait to read your reviews! ❤

    • Mimiiiii! /squeeze Oh, I know the cover of “Darkness” is ridiculously pretty, so I have no doubt the finished copy will simply be delicious. I’ll be getting to it soon (so many of my review books come out on 3/13 and I still have 3 more to read before then!), hopefully.

      And Juliet Immortal’s been staring me in the face now for the last few months, it’s only right that I get to it now. 🙂 You should definitely request the second book – it’s available now through Random House Children’s.

      You need to get on twitter so we can talk more! ❤

  5. Oh my God you got For Darkness!!! So so so jealous!

    Happy reading, I’m sure you will have fun. 🙂

    You mentioned you’re a translator, what language? Japanese? 🙂 I’m Korean translator-to-be, I’m just curious! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Agnieszka @ Nook of Books

    • Japanese, mainly, and French (though I’m a bit rusty in French I can still read/write in it). Yay for translators! 😀

      Thanks for visiting me back! ❤

    • “The Academie” wasn’t as good as I’d hoped (my review will be up soon) but it’s still worth the read. 🙂 I hope you like it more than I did. And thanks for visiting my IMM this week!

    • I loved the book too, which is why I totally had to grab the movie as soon as I saw it in the library. Your IMM haul this week isn’t so bad, either! I hope you enjoy “Arcadia Awakens” – I know I did!

      Thanks for visiting!

  6. OOOh very nice! I still have to read Hereafter, but I really like the cover for Arise! Hope you enjoy your reads this week!

    Happy Reading and thanks for visiting my IMM!

    • “Hereafter” is pretty awesome – I read it last year and I recommend it, so definitely check it out. I’m hoping “Arise” will be just as awesome (and yes, that cover is gorgeous)!

      Thanks for visiting me back! ❤

    • I think it was the url change – I might have lost some people because of it. Yay for following me, though! I know I’m following you! ❤ Thanks so much for visiting back!

    • “Fair Coin” was really, really fun. I seriously can’t wait for the next one (it looks like it’s going to be a trilogy) and I hope it comes out soon. Thanks for visiting! ❤

  7. Nice mailbox! Hope you enjoy A Long, Long Sleep as much as I did! And so excited that there’s a new Diana Peterferund book! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy reading!

    • Thanks for visiting back, Alexia! I’m going to start working on “Darkness” sometime soon and in May in the review will be up so be sure to check back then! ❤

  8. Aren’t good libraries the BEST?! 🙂 It’s our duty to let ’em know how well they’re doing by checking lots of stuff out, that’s what I say!! 🙂 How are you liking Wise Man’s Fear? You got a huge haul this week… enjoy!!!! Thx for hopping by to say “hi” – have you reviewed Grave Mercy, yet?

    • I did review “Grave Mercy” – you can go to the “review archive” and go under “G” – it’s there. 🙂 I LOVED it. And I haven’t gotten to “Wise Man’s Fear” yet (I had a crap ton of books due for review within the last week or so and another bunch due the 13th) but I hope to by the end of the week or so – I’m still in the middle of “Name of the Wind” and liking it a lot. And I love my local library – they have a ton of deep pocketed donors (we have a LOT of old people where I live so they love their library!) who give really generously.

      Thanks for visiting back, Laura! You’re awesome. ❤

    • “Something Like Normal” was just released in the wild on NetGalley on Friday, so you should have plenty of time to request it – I suggest you do! 😀 Thanks so much for visiting! ❤

  9. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my IMM 🙂

    You have some awesome stuff here – mostly I’m jealous of A Confusion of Princes. I want to read that so bad.

    Enjoy all your yummy books,

    Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic
    My IMM!

    • Thanks, Shaheen! 😀 Your IMM was pretty awesome this week, too! And I’ll be reviewing “Confusion of Princes” next month as it comes out in May, so be sure to check back then for it, okay? :3 I hope it’s as good as it sounds! 🙂

      Thanks for visiting back! ❤

    • It is quite good, Ranae! I highly suggest you read it – it comes out in stores on March 8th! I can’t wait for the next book.

      Thanks for visiting back! ❤

    • My review for “Fair Coin” is up – it was pretty awesome and definitely not what it advertised itself to be. I can’t wait for the next one! You should definitely read it. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by (as usual), Giselle! ❤

      /pets her pretties

      /breathes loudly and creepily over them
      /watches you watch me

      Uh it isn’t what it looks like. Smeagol loves her pretties! D:

      Thanks for visiting back, Miss Cupcake! And I love how you’re still getting your birfday presents, that’s awesome! ❤

    • You definitely should – “Arise” is the sequel to “Hereafter”, which was pretty awesome, and pretty much all of the “Hunger Games” movie-adaption books are really gorgeous (I was pawing a copy of the “World” book at the bookstore yesterday, but it has to wait due to budgeting ;_;). Thanks for visiting this week!

  10. So jealous A Confusion of Princes, For the Darkness Shows the Stars, Bewitching, and Fair Coin all look so good!!! Happy reading! 🙂

    • My review for “Fair Coin” is up – definitely worth the read! And I’m hoping I’ll get to the rest of those books really soon. Thank you for visiting this week! ❤

  11. Holy ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD! You have Arise! I just want to jump up and down and scream! I can’t WAIT to see what you have to say about it, I am ALL kinds of excited to get my hands on that. Great haul this week and thank you for stopping by my IMM this week! I hope to see you again soon.


    Dreaming In The Pages

    • I really liked “Hereafter” so I saw no reason why I shouldn’t read “Arise” (especially with that cover – SO gorgeous!). Unfortunately it might have to wait a bit since I have more review books to cover and I can’t post my review until a month before pub date, so it’ll be awhile before I can post the review, anyway. 🙂 It’ll be up in May.

      Thanks for visiting back!

    • My review for “The Academie” is now up – it’s a bit off-putting at first if you’re not familiar with that period in history but the payoff is HUGE in the end, so it’s definitely worth the read!

      I’m following you back under NB. 🙂 Thanks for following and visiting my mailbox this week and enjoy your books!

    • W-well, I do have a doctor’s appointment coming up later today, maybe I can take it to read…/looks nervously at review-tbr pile that threatens to drown me Y-Yeah, maybe that’ll work…

      Thanks for visiting back! ❤

      • Haha, don’t mind that review pile! I devoured it in 1,5 day (:

        But I will stop bullying you into reading FDStS *giggles*. Hope everything went well at the doctor’s! x

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