Blog Tour Stop!: “Mortal Danger” – Ann Aguirre on Beauty, Plastic Surgery, and More!

MortalDanger-BlogTourBanner[1]Hey, everyone!

I’m quite happy to be hosting this stop on the “Mortal Danger” tour – I LOVED the start of this new series from Aguirre, who’s already proven herself with the “Razorland” trilogy as a capable YA author (and her NA stuff, so far, ain’t too bad neither).

So, I asked Aguirre to write a guest post. She chose the topic of beauty. Let’s hear what she has to say on it after the jump!

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Blog Tour Stop!: “Horde (Razorland #3)” by Ann Aguirre – on research for book 3!

10596724Hey there, everyone! Usagi here. We’re quite excited to be apart of the blog tour for “Horde”, the final (and quite frankly, most awesome) book in the “Razorland” trilogy. Today, Aguirre has been kind enough to write a guest post on her research process for this final book, as well as other stuff too.

So, without further ado, Ann Aguirre on her research!

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Blog Tour: “Once We Were” author Kat Zhang talks writing sequels and more!

Once We WereHey, everyone! Welcome to our stop (and the final stop) on the “Once We Were” blog tour! Ashleigh and I are really excited to be on the tour, and so we asked Kat to write about her feels on writing a sequel, and some other stuff. For a debut author, I imagine that it must be daunting.

So for now, sit back, relax, and read Kat’s response below the jump. Remember, “Once We Were” is out now from HarperTeen, so go out and read it! Seriously. It’s awesome.

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Guest Post: “Flicker & Burn” author TM Goeglein talks locations in the “Cold Fury” trilogy!

16101039Hey, everyone!

A few days late, but here it is – our guest post on the locations in “Cold Fury”, “Flicker & Burn”, and Book 3 of the “Cold Fury” trilogy. Since Ted has been in the Revision Cave ™ finishing up his edits for book 3, we weren’t able to do this on pub day, but hopefully that hasn’t stopped you. This is one fantastic book. You can check out my (Usagi’s) review here.

You can check out Ted’s walking location videos that talk more about the locations in the book on his blog here. Some scary stuff comes up in those videos (specifically about the real life Outfit) – and no, it’s not a schtick, it’s the real thing.

Without ado, here’s Ted Goeglein on his locations. Remember, “F&B” is out now in North America, so be sure to check it out!

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Blog Tour Stop!: “Weight of Souls” – Bryony Pearce on making up mythologies!

The Weight of SoulsHi there everyone! And welcome to my stop on the Weight of Souls Blog Tour! Today we have Bryony herself giving us a guest post about making up mythologies, and it should be very interesting reading, considering what we have going on in terms of worldbuilding in that area in “Weight of Souls”. It’s quite creative in that area, and nice and fresh within YA, so without further ado, here’s Bryony Pierce on making up mythologies!

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“Siege & Storm” Blog Tour Stop! Guest Post: Leigh Bardugo on expanding worldbuilding in her middle book, and more!

14061955Hey, everyone! Welcome to our stop on the “Siege & Storm” blog tour! Today we have the wonderful, lovely, and all around awesome Leigh Bardugo doing a guest post on expanding worldbuilding within a middle book, which should be some very interesting reading indeed! “Siege and Storm” is one of Usagi’s picks of the year, so she’s especially excited about this guest post.

Some quick things you should know:

– Leigh will be on the Spring 2013 Fierce Reads Tour. More deets here.

– Leigh made a thing for the book! Actually, it’s a song called “Winter Prayer”, and you can listen to it here. It’s pretty awesome. Haunting, really.

– Preorder S&S, get proof of said preorder, and get some promo stuff! Deets here.

– Read the first five chapters of S&S on your e-reader for free here!

And now, beneath the jump, dive into Leigh’s head as she explains her methods on worldbuilding in a middle book!

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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway! “Goddess”: Guest Post – Josephine Angelini on why she uses mythology when she writes!

Button_Goddess2Hey, everyone, and welcome to my stop on the “Goddess” tour! I’m pretty sad that this trilogy is ending, but hopefully we’ll be giving it a good send-off with this tour. Today we have author Josephine Angelini talking about why she writes using mythology, which should be interesting to see in terms of her writing process.


We have a giveaway! Click on THIS LINK to enter! What’s the grand prize, you ask?


The first is for the chance win one of 15 copies of either STARCROSSED, DREAMLESS or GODDESS.  The second is signed(!) Goddess Kindle Paperwhite!

I mean, look at how pretty that Paperwhite is. Good god. Even I want one!

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Now, join us behind the jump to listen to Angelini’s story of myth and writing.

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