Exclusive! “Champion (Legend #3)” by Marie Lu – Trailer & Giveaway!

Hey, guys! Usagi here. Just thought I’d pass along this tidbit from Penguin Teen – the trailer for one of my favorite dystopian series in the last few years’ third book, “Legend”, is now out!

And best of all? We have a giveaway!

More details on that later. For now, here’s the trailer. I know I can’t wait for book three – how about you guys?

NICE. Seriously awesome trailer, there. I can’t wait to see what CBS Films does with the rights to “Legend”. Seriously, guys, at the edge of my seat here.

Now, for the extra fun part – the giveaway! Here are the details:

What you’ll win:

photoA poster with the redesigned cover for all three books, and three sets of temporary tattoos with those same designs!

Pretty sweet, amirite?

What do you have to do to get this?

1. Live in the US only. Sorry, guys, I have to mail these out myself – and even though I finally have a full-time job going on, the USPS is starting to get ridiculously expensive enough just doing domestic shipping.

2. Leave a comment, stating which book is your favorite, OR, what you’re looking forward to most within “Champion”! (Try to keep it spoiler free). Don’t forget to leave your contact info – name and email – when you do!

3. For an extra entry, retweet the following: RT @usagiko WIN A #CHAMPION PRIZE SET FROM @PENGUINTEEN & @MARIE_LU here! http://wp.me/p13UyI-34m. Don’t forget to link me to your retweet in your initial comment entry!

4. Wait for me to pick a person and win! I’ll be running this contest for awhile – I’m still waiting for materials to come in from Penguin itself – so maybe for a few weeks? I’ll keep you guys updated.

That’s it for now! I’ll be reviewing “Prodigy” soon, so look forward to that!

7 thoughts on “Exclusive! “Champion (Legend #3)” by Marie Lu – Trailer & Giveaway!

  1. My favorite is always the first book, when everything comes together. I really to need to know what happen nto June and Day!

  2. This is a really hard question because both books were so great. I think I’m gonna go with the first book because there was so much conflict and really awesome character development! Prodigy was really epic too. I’m really exited to see what happens to Day and June’s relationship in the next book.

  3. I can’t pick which one is my favorite. I loved both Legend and Prodigy so much. The cliffhanger in the end of Prodigy though! Ahh! I really need to read Champion. I actually read a spoiler about the end of Champion in a Goodreads review, which makes me really sad, but I’m still looking forward to reading it. I love June and Day. I ship them so hard it’s not even okay. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/ArielSmith24/status/400394644485189632

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