Cover Reveal!: “Arcadia Falls (Arkadien #3)” by Kai Meyer

18053962COVER REVEALED!: “Arcadia Falls (Arkadien #3)”

AUTHOR: Kai Meyer

SLATED RELEASE DATE: February 11, 2014 (HarperTeen – North America)

OFFICIAL BLURB: Mafia clan leader Rosa Alcantara’s life is falling apart: everyone she loves is dead and everything she’s ever known about her family is a lie. Even so, Rosa and her boyfriend, rival leader Alessandro Carnevare, refuse to give up on their love for each other. On the run from their adversaries and searching for answers, Rosa and Alessandro begin to unravel the secret behind the conspiracy to keep them apart: an ancient prophecy that predicted the destruction of all Arcadia.

As the clock ticks down to their own destruction, it’s a race against time for the young lovers as they evade murderers, track down clues, and avoid a showdown with the man who wants them dead.

The pair must find out the truth behind Arcadia once and for all—but will it be the key to unlocking their freedom and future together, or the final step in bringing them to their knees?

Usagi’s Thoughts: I really, really love these North American covers compared to the original German ones. Rosa and the snake on each one and the different colors? Absolutely gorgeous. And I’m chomping at the bit for this final book. Good work, HarperTeen!

Ashleigh’s Thoughts: The only thing I dislike is the fact there’s a snake. Snakes for me = NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But it gets a pass because it’s relevant and the cover still looks great with the textures and all. I really need to read my copy of the first Arkadien book soon!


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