Breaking News: Hiatus Extension

Hey everyone!

Usagi here. Guess what? Since my move is scheduled for Wednesday, we’re going to have to extend hiatus til mid-September. I know, I know, but I need to get resettled, and Ashleigh is currently juggling her classes/working ahead so she won’t be behind after staying the weekend with a couple bloggy friends, so real life is going to have to take the wheel for awhile until we get things together. And blogging will have to be the small child kicking the backs of our seats in that car.

BUT! We have some exciting things going on…


1. We’re doing some cover reveals. I won’t tell you what they are, though. For now, they remain a mystery.

2. We’re on the blog tour for “Once We Were”, the second book in Kat Zhang’s awesome “Hybrid Chronicles” series! Both Ashleigh and I are over the moon about this.

3. Reviews will continue to go up as scheduled.

O-okay, then, dear reader. We’ll be back mid-month with fresh stuff for you!

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Usagi & Ashleigh.

PS: Enjoy your our new layout whilst you wait.


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