Guest Post: “Flicker & Burn” author TM Goeglein talks locations in the “Cold Fury” trilogy!

16101039Hey, everyone!

A few days late, but here it is – our guest post on the locations in “Cold Fury”, “Flicker & Burn”, and Book 3 of the “Cold Fury” trilogy. Since Ted has been in the Revision Cave ™ finishing up his edits for book 3, we weren’t able to do this on pub day, but hopefully that hasn’t stopped you. This is one fantastic book. You can check out my (Usagi’s) review here.

You can check out Ted’s walking location videos that talk more about the locations in the book on his blog here. Some scary stuff comes up in those videos (specifically about the real life Outfit) – and no, it’s not a schtick, it’s the real thing.

Without ado, here’s Ted Goeglein on his locations. Remember, “F&B” is out now in North America, so be sure to check it out!

Location, Location, Location

                                                  by Ted Goeglein

 Even before I put fingertips to keyboard for COLD FURY, FLICKER & BURN, and the third book, as well (to be named later,) I knew who one of its most important characters would be. I knew, because I know it so well myself, and love it.

 Sweet home Chicago.

 My city is a lot of things, sweet sometimes, but also sprawling, brawling sophisticated, and mean as hell. Its music is sublime, politics rough, food world-class, crime mind-blowing, and sports – well, I’m a Cubs fan, so whatever. It’s a city on a lake that happens to be an enormous inland sea, and it snows sideways, and sometimes, in the summer, the heat and humidity are like being slapped in the face with hot, wet blanket. A spine is required to live in Chicago.

 Best of all for me, as a writer, are the places – classic buildings, ancient bars, crowded cemeteries – that serve as natural backdrops for the books. My protagonist, Sara Jane Rispoli, spends a fair portion of time either being chased or chasing back, and half the fun is putting her in locations that actually exist. I think (hope,) that it helps bring the stories to life for readers. In fact, at this point, both COLD FURY and FLICKER & BURN could be used as Chicago tour guides.

 The ideal places for me contain a hint of danger, like the Green Mill Jazz Club, once a hangout for notorious gangsters, or the decrepit Wilson Avenue Bridge, that crosses the Chicago River at a precarious height. The school Sara Jane attends, Casimir Fepinsky Prep (good old Fep Prep,) is a large, looming old pile of bricks in a neighborhood that requires full time security. And the long avenues crisscrossing the city, and dark, brick alleys – don’t get me started.

In the end, I choose locations on one guiding principal – wherever it is, Sara Jane can never feel completely safe. Welcome, my friends, to Chicago.

Thanks, Ted! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m VERY excited for book 3. Can’t wait to see what comes up! And for those who are wondering, here’s the schedule for the F&B blog tour:

8/26: Ticket to Anywhere

8/28: Fantasy’s Ink

8/30: The Flyleaf Review

9/2: The Book Monsters

9/4: Books Live Forever

9/6: A Dream Within a Dream


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