Hey everyone!

Usagi and Ashleigh here. Just letting you know that we’re on hiatus for the whole month of August. And maybe part of September too, not sure yet. Usagi is on vacation and moving (all at once!) and Ashleigh’s headed back to the salt mines, moving back to school herself. So, we badly need the break.



I know, I know, we miss us already too. But we’re going to come back stronger, more energized, and with more awesome content for everyone. In the meantime, we’ll still have scheduled reviews, a blog tour stop for “Weight of Souls” next Tuesday, and more, so the blog itself won’t completely be inactive. We just won’t be doing memes, or as many reviews.




Or, like Agent Coulson, you could just hold on the line and listen to our fascinating elevator music until we return.

So! If you miss us, and aren’t entirely sated by said above content, you can check out these kitten cams. And here’s one more for good measure. They’ll be just as entertaining as us, I promise. If not moreso. Usagi will be tweeting and instagramming her vacation – you can check for the links on the sidebar. Desert vacation, everyone! Let’s hope she doesn’t melt.





So we’ll see you in September. Or October. Whichever we decide on.


Usagi & Ashleigh


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