Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway! “Goddess”: Guest Post – Josephine Angelini on why she uses mythology when she writes!

Button_Goddess2Hey, everyone, and welcome to my stop on the “Goddess” tour! I’m pretty sad that this trilogy is ending, but hopefully we’ll be giving it a good send-off with this tour. Today we have author Josephine Angelini talking about why she writes using mythology, which should be interesting to see in terms of her writing process.


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Now, join us behind the jump to listen to Angelini’s story of myth and writing.

PROMPT: Why use myth?

Write what you know.


Everyone who’s ever written, wanted to be a writer, or was forced to take a creative writing class, got that bit of advice at some point.  Write what you know.  I hated hearing that because it got me nowhere.


Every time I sat down with pen in hand, trying to think of what it was that I knew, the only answer I ever got to that question was…nothing.  I know nothing.  Was I supposed to steal from my life, and even if I did, had my life been interesting enough?  I wasn’t an astronaut, or the fifth member of a jewel heist, or a rodeo clown.  I was a college kid.  What was I supposed to do?  Write something that made a big deal out of a time I got dumped by someone? 


Some writers have had celebrated careers writing about their failed relationships or their disillusionment or their ennui or whatever.  When I tried it, my story came out terrible.  Really, truly terrible.  I basically just whined for a couple of pages and then ran out of steam.  I didn’t even want to read it back because, seriously?  Who wants to read about some self-absorbed co-ed who carries on about getting dumped like it’s the end of the world?  I kept wanting to tell my protagonist to get a hobby, adopt a kitten—anything—just stop sniveling about What’s-His-Face.


I realized that if I was ever going to write something, it needed plot.  I like action.  I like characters that do things, but if I was limited to writing what I knew, then my most exciting action sequence would be someone running to catch the subway.  Not exactly what I had in mind.  Then I got some more writing advice.


Write what you love.


Nuts.  This posed a new set of problems.  I grew up reading fantasy and science fiction.  I had Star Wars memorized by the time I was ten.  I studied Shakespeare and Sophocles in college.  And, yes, I was addicted to Star Trek: The Next Generation, although I kept that really quiet.  What a mess.  It took me forever to figure out what it was that I loved. 


But I finally managed it.  What I love is a big, epic story, filled with love and loss.  And somewhere in the mix there has to be a monster, dragon, or an alien or what’s the point, right?  Now comes the best bit of all.  I took all the advice I’d been given about writing and decided to blend it.


Write what you know and love.


I studied Greek drama, so I know it rather well, and I love dudes with swords.  Take a myrmidon, add in three creepy ghost-girls knows as the Furies, curse a couple of people, and voila!  That’s a story I’d like to write.  No, even better.  That’s a story I’d like to read.


This isn’t to say that every book I’m ever going to write is going to be based on mythology—far from it—but it was a fantastic place for me to start.  I felt comfortable writing inside this genre and was excited to come up with new twists to make the old tales modern and fresh. 


So I guess that, to me, writing Starcrossed wasn’t really about choosing myth over some other genre, but how I figured out what I needed to write to begin with.

Thanks, Josephine, for joining us today with that awesome post! I know it’s given me good insight into this entire trilogy, and even changes the way I look at things within it just a bit. Remember…

The Starcrossed series by Josephine Angelini

Available Now!

Find Josephine Angelini:
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16 thoughts on “Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway! “Goddess”: Guest Post – Josephine Angelini on why she uses mythology when she writes!

  1. I am super excited for Goddess!!! Even though I have to read Dreamless still lol but I absolutely love all the covers! They are simply gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway and blog tour!!!

  2. I Love Greek mythology too. Writers do always write what they love and that’s what make books so good. I can’t wait to read Goddess and find out what happens in the end.

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