Out and About!: Week 1

e63c24bea7d211e2b46022000a1fb37a_7Hey everyone!

Usagi here. Saw good friend Alethea participate in this meme at Read Now Sleep Later, so I thought I’d try it out, too. Find out more about Out and About at The Windy Pages!

This week’s outing is me going to get dinner and bringing Mr. Nook (loaded up with one of my current reads, “Vengeance Bound”) to Corner Bakery. Here I’m waiting for my food (Turkey sandwich, though I hate eating meat I’m currently allergic to all vegan alternatives and until I get another patch test, it’s too risky for me to eat the alternatives!) to actually come to my table. I haven’t taken myself out to dinner for ages, so this was a nice change of pace. And “Vengeance Bound” is pretty good so far! Dinner was followed by Pinkberry (chocolate hazelnut with strawberries and raspberries). Mm, probiotics.

Ashleigh Paige is in the middle of studying for her finals right now (everyone wish her luck – I know I am!), so she doesn’t have a picture for this week. But this seems like a fun meme, so maybe it’ll help us get out a bit more often!

See you again next week!

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