Upcoming stuff on the blog!


Lack of communication makes Derek sad.

Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t checked in for awhile, so I thought I’d do so with some exciting news on the interview, guest post, and blog tour front.

So, firstly, I’ve been tapped to do the blog tour for Josephine Angelini’s final book in the “Starcrossed” series, “Goddess”! I have three blogs so far participating, and I need seven more. If you’re a fan and would like to participate, leave a comment on this post for consideration.

EDIT – 21 March 2013 – We now have SIX blogs participating! FOUR MORE NEEDED!

Secondly, BOANW is on board for the “Zenn Scarlett” and “Furious” blog tours, which will be happening in May and April, respectively. You can look for two guest posts by each author on their books – and the results should be very interesting!

Thirdly, look for interviews with Laura Lam (“Pantomime”) and William Richter (“Dark Eyes”/”Tiger”) very soon. Probably within the next month or so. I plan to ask some hopefully interesting questions, so please stay tuned for that.

Finally, I’m going to Wondercon the last weekend in March, so the blog may be a bit quiet that week as I prep for it. I’m pretty excited, since I once again failed to get in for the lottery for SDCC, and though Wondercon is smaller, it still looks like it’s going to have a great lineup.

That’s all for now! More updates as they happen!




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