Review: “Helmetgirls: The Art of Camilla D’Errico Volume 2” by Camilla D’Errico

14489657Title: “Helmetgirls: The Art of Camilla D’Errico Volume 2”

Author: Camilla D’Errico

Genre: Artbooks, manga

Publication Date: March 5, 2013 (Dark Horse Comics – North America)

Source: NetGalley Review Copy

Summary: Camilla d’Errico is a powerful voice in pop surrealism, her work combining diverse influences in imagery both singular and hauntingly familiar. Compelling and deeply personal, Helmetgirls documents Camilla’s art and lifestyle brand that fuses manga, steampunk, and fine art into an original and meaningful aggregate. Gargantuan biomechanical headgear adorns beautiful, wide-eyed, and seemingly fragile girls. More than just decoration, the helmets express each girl’s character, needs, and desires. Look deeply into the Helmetgirls’ eyes – they have a story to tell.

☆: 4/5 stars – Awesome new work from one of my favorite western pop artists!

Review: Short review is short, but only because this is an artbook with little to no commentary by the artist on her process. Which was a bit disappointing.

Much like Mizuno Junko, D’Errico is one of those artists that combines the cute and the creepy to create some really wonderful, at times awe-inspiring work. I love the pop-art influences that she has, along with some clear salutes to anime and manga, and I especially love that she doesn’t flinch away from creepy crawlies like octopi and insects to include with her subjects, which are pretty much all female. In some of her other works in this book, you can see she takes pages from Range Murata and other famous Japanese doujin artists/character designers with cute girls with strange steampunk appliances, and I love that.

However, this is a book you definitely need to pick up and feel in your hands. An e-book simply doesn’t do it justice. At all. Don’t care if you have the most awesome HD tablet or e-reader, you simply must feel these pages in your hands to get the full gravity of each piece. The images are a bit fuzzy, even for review purposes, but at least this volume has some of her work that I haven’t seen before (and I’ve seen most of it, I think), which was a nice bonus. If you’re a fan of pop art, or kawaii culture, definitely pick up any of D’Errico’s books or paintings, as they’re simply just awesome.

2 thoughts on “Review: “Helmetgirls: The Art of Camilla D’Errico Volume 2” by Camilla D’Errico

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