Manga Monday – Week 28

mangamondaySo, I’ve seen this feature on a few book blogs out there, and decided to make this feature my own. After suggestions from friends, Manga Mondays comes to Birth of a New Witch! I’ll try to give equal billing to manga being released both in the US and in Japan, since US licensing takes awhile and I read manga in both languages. I want to cater to other fans out there who do the same.

Confused by some of the terms I use in this feature? See Week 1 for clarification on my most commonly used terms.

And now, to this week’s US and Japanese choices!

Week 28 (US Release): “Puella Magi Kazumi Magica – The Innocent Malice – Volume 1” by Magica Quartet & Hiramatsu Masaki

16131112Title: “Puella Magi Kazumi Magica – The Innocent Malice – Volume 1”

Author: Magica Quartet

Artist: Hiramatsu Masaki

US Publisher: Yen Press

Genre: Paranormal, YA contemporary, Mystery, Thriller, Seinen

Publication Date: June 25, 2013 (North America)

Summary: A teen girl named Kazumi is roused one evening to find that she was kidnapped while she slept! Bursting from the trunk that held her, Kazumi discovers that not only has she been stripped of her clothes, but also of the memories of her life before the kidnapping. When she is recovered by a pair of schoolgirls, she doesn’t recognize them as her best friends and roommates, Umika and Kaoru. As Kazumi tries to settle back into her normal life, she quickly realizes that her former “normal” was anything but! Kazumi has taken a vow to fight evil witches…as a Magical Girl?!

Usagi’s Take: If you can’t already tell, this is a spin-off (one of two) from “Madoka Magica”. I’ve read this first volume in Japanese and absolutely loved it, so I can’t wait for it to finally ship stateside. Yen Press has done a great job with the original “Madoka Magica” trilogy manga, so I trust them with this. If you want more insight into the “Madoka Magica” series, this is definitely something you should check out. Highly recommended, and one of my favorite manga of 2012!

Week 28 (Japanese Release): “Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai): Volume 1” by Koyama Chuuya

20739Title: “Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai): Volume 1”

Author/Artist: Koyama Chuuya

Publisher: Kodansha

Genre: Sci-fi, slice of life, seinen

Publication Date: December 6, 2007 (Japan)

Summary: One night in 2006, when they were young, the two brothers Mutta (born 1993) and Hibito (born 1996) saw what appeared to be a UFO heading for the moon. They decided that night to both become astronauts and travel out into space.

In 2025, Hibito has become an astronaut, and he’s going to go to the moon. Mutta ended up following a more traditional career path with an auto development company. However, Mutta just ruined his career through a violent altercation with his boss. Now, not only has he lost his job, he appears to be blacklisted in the entire industry. Maybe this is a rare opportunity for Mutta to once again chase his childhood dream and become an astronaut like his little brother!

Nominated for the 2nd and 3rd Manga Taisho Award and won the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award and 35th Kodansha Manga Award in the General Category. (via mangaupdates)

Usagi’s Take: One of my favorite new discoveries of 2012, “Uchuu Kyoudai” is this really awesome story with so many factors that makes it so very lovable. The characters, the world, all of it is really great and very absorbing, and I really hope it comes stateside soon. This is one of those series that has something for everyone, so I think everyone will like this one – all ages, all fans of different genres, etc. It definitely deserves all of the awards it’s won, and more. Be sure to watch out for the release of the anime and the live action movie soon!

What about you? Do you read manga? If so, feel free to participate with your own manga monday segment and link up in the comments section!

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