Waiting On Wednesday: Week 73

New WoW“Waiting  On Wednesday” is a weekly event, hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

Here’s what I’m waiting on this Wednesday:

9879358♡ Title: “Sorrow’s Knot”

♡ Author: Erin Bow

♡ Release Date: TBD 2013 (North America)

♡ Publisher:  Scholastic

♡ Synopsis: In the world of Sorrow’s Knot, the dead do not rest easy. Every patch of shadow might be home to something hungry and nearly invisible, something deadly. The dead can only be repelled or destroyed with magically knotted cords and yarns. The women who tie these knots are called binders.

Otter is the daughter of Willow, a binder of great power. She’s a proud and privileged girl who takes it for granted that she will be a binder some day herself. But when Willow’s power begins to turn inward and tear her apart, Otter finds herself trapped with a responsibility she’s not ready for, and a power she no longer wants.

♡ Why?: Wow, I wish Scholastic would hurry up and decide on a release date because this sounds amazing. Holy crap. I can’t wait to read this one, and the blurb has had me in its sway for awhile now. I just hope it isn’t pushed back to next year!

What are you waiting on this Wednesday?


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