Manga Monday – Week 25

mangamondaySo, I’ve seen this feature on a few book blogs out there, and decided to make this feature my own. After suggestions from friends, Manga Mondays comes to Birth of a New Witch! I’ll try to give equal billing to manga being released both in the US and in Japan, since US licensing takes awhile and I read manga in both languages. I want to cater to other fans out there who do the same.

Confused by some of the terms I use in this feature? See Week 1 for clarification on my most commonly used terms.

And now, to this week’s US and Japanese choices!

Week 25 (US Release):  “Blood-C: Volume 1” by Kotone Ranmaru & CLAMP

16122044Title: “Blood-C: Volume 1”

Author: based on the original screenplay by CLAMP & Production IG

Artist: Kotone Ranmaru

Translation Company/US Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Genre: Paranormal, Seinen, Thriller, Mystery

Publication Date: March 19, 2013 (North America)

Summary: Saya Kisaragi is a kindhearted, if somewhat clumsy, student who trains by day to perform standard religious duties at her father’s shrine—but she becomes an unstoppable, monster-slaying swordswoman by night! The saga that began in Blood: The Last Vampire and the Blood+ anime series continues here! The world of Blood-C was created by the powerhouse manga team CLAMP in collaboration with Production I.G, the legendary anime studio that produced the original Blood+ episodes and the new Blood-C animated series and feature-length movie! Don’t miss the schoolyard foibles, weird creatures, and katana-swinging action in this new manga series by Ranmaru Kotone, based on the hit Blood-C anime and infused with CLAMP’s original concepts and characters!

Usagi’s Take: I really, really enjoyed the anime, and I’m a big fan of the “Blood: The Last Vampire” franchise (which also includes “Blood+”). I’m a sucker for anything CLAMP creates – be it a whole story or just character designs, but in this one they teamed up with Production IG (one of my favorite animation houses) to do a whole new story for the “Blood” universe. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have read a few chapters of this manga and I really like it. However, I do wish CLAMP had done the manga instead of just doing work on the anime, but we can’t always have what we want, I guess. Just a warning when you read this manga – it’s violent, but also, nothing is as it seems. Everything that seems clean cut is most definitely not and there’s a lot of complexity here that makes it a really great read. So definitely check this out when it hits stores here in the US in March.

Week 25 (Japanese Release):”Inspector Tsunemori Akane (Tsunemori Akane Kanshikan): Volume 1″ by Urobuchi Gen & Miyoshi Hikaru

51OkTrfy65L._SS500_Title: “Inspector Tsunemori Akane (Tsunemori Akane Kanshikan): Volume 1”

Author: based off of the screenplay for “Psycho-Pass” by Urobuchi Gen

Artist: Miyoshi Hikaru

Publication Date: November 2, 2012 (Japan)

Publisher: Shueisha

Summary: Adaptation of the “Psycho-Pass” anime.

In the near future, it is possible to instantaneously measure a person’s mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes with technology called the Dominator. Just thinking about a crime can make you guilty, and in this world there is no mercy for criminals. Detectives work in pairs -one Enforcer and one Inspector- with Enforcers delivering lethal justice, and Inspectors making sure their partners don’t take things too far. (via MangaUpdates)

Usagi’s Take: Anything that Urobuchi pens is pretty much gold, and this manga hasn’t disappointed, even though it’s based off of his work, “Psycho-Pass”. I’m hoping with the success of the simulcast and upcoming DVD/BD release from FUNiMATION that the manga will get licensed here in the States. This is a very complex and original story, and it makes you wonder -is it dystopia or utopia? Or is it both? This one will definitely get you thinking, folks, which is why I love it so very much. HIGHLY recommended!

What about you? Do you read manga? If so, feel free to participate with your own manga monday segment and link up in the comments section!


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