Blog Tour Stop! “Crewel” Redux: Gennifer Albin on her life post-pub!

CrewelButtonHey, everyone! Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Gennifer Albin’s “Crewel”, Redux! I was able to get an interview out of her about her life post-publication, and how it may or may not have changed. Remember, the “Crewel” ebook  is on sale right now through all e-outlets through February 12th (Tuesday), so if you haven’t bought and read it already, what are you waiting for! You can get more information on this smokin’ hot deal here!

Now, presenting: Gennifer Albin on life post-pub after the jump!

Usagi: Hey there, Gennifer! Thanks for stopping by. So, let’s get to the questions! What has changed the most for you in terms of life post-pub?

Gennifer Albin: There’s even more author-y stuff to do, like interviews and signings.  So I’m learning to balance lots of new demands with writing deadlines and being a mom.  Also I can now walk into a bookstore and buy my book.

U: What has changed the least?

GA: I’m still unorganized.  My house is still a wreck.  I tend to imagine authors in beautifully appointed homes with neatly kept offices penning masterpieces.  Apparently there is no magic post-pub  fairy that sweeps in and puts your life and work into place.

U: What do you miss about life pre-pub?

GA: Life pre-pub is a lot like preparing for prom or your wedding.  There’s so much expectation leading up to the day, and then it’s over with.  I do miss that giddy feeling of expectation sometimes.

U: What do you want to do, going forward, with your post-pub life?

GA: First order of business is to finish this series.  I’m very devoted to the Crewel World and it’s my number one focus.  After that there are shockingly diverse number of ideas vying to be my next book or series.

U: Thanks for joining us today, Gennifer! Remember, pick up “Crewel” on sale while you can! It’s one of my favorites of 2012, so it’s definitely worth the read!

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