Blog Tour Stop! “The Madman’s Daughter” by Megan Shepherd!

12291438Hi everyone, and welcome to my stop on the “Madman’s Daughter” blog tour!

Today, I’d like to share with you my top favorite five quotes from this book. I’ve tried to keep them as least spoilery as possible. But just in case, they’re under the jump to keep things unspoilery.

Why have I chosen these quotes? Because I feel that all five of these capture the spirit and wonder that is “The Madman’s Daughter” in all of their different ways.

And now, I present: my top five favorite quotes from “The Madman’s Daughter”!

1. ARC pg 21: On the table beside me was the set of operating instruments. I wrapped my hand around the handle of the ax, normally used for separating the sternum of cadavers. I took a deep breath, focusing on the rabbit’s neck. In a movement I knew had to be fast and hard, I brought down the ax.

The rabbit’s screaming stopped.

2. ARC pg 134: Without the restriction of clothing, I was filled with a constellation of sensations. I was aware of the smell of cologne mixed with his blood, the rough feel of his trouser fabric grazing against my legs, his desire that seeped from the cuts in his hands, staining the floor.

3. ARC pg 160: Edward wore a fine suit with a dark-gray vest that would have been at home at any London drawing room. He smiled, though the muscle in his jaw twitched. “You look beautiful. Like one of the angels Milton wrote about.”

“A fallen one, maybe,” I said.

Montgomery watched us from across the room in his worn riding trousers and loose linen shirt. He’d washed his hands and face, but little else. He wasn’t a gentleman like Edward. He belonged in the wild.

4. ARC pg 194: My vision was blurry and my head pounded – I’d missed my injection that morning. I wiped my face and noticed a streak of red on my arm. Blood bubbled from the thorn scratches. I touched my forehead, my cheeks, my neck. Blood stuck to my skin like tar. I’d become the prey on the island but, as in my dream, I felt no pain. Only a fascination with the webs of slashes and bloody marks on my body. I was sliding, slipping away from humanity.

Had my father slid the same way?

5. ARC pg 337-38: The pages had a date – July 1879 – one month after I was born. The notes were briefer and more disjointed than even Balthazar’s and the others’. The paper wasn’t even the same – these pages looked ripped from an old journal. They must have come from a time before Father had developed a system for cataloging his creations. There were only a few scribbled lines describing the surgery he performed when I was an infant. The file told me painfully little, didn’t prove anything – until I reached a handful of words in Latin I didn’t recognize. Except for one.




And that’s it for now! Remember, “The Madman’s Daughter” is out on January 29, 2013, so definitely be sure to check it out then! It’s not one of my favorites of 2013 for nothing, guys.

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