We’re back!

Hey, guys! We’re back from hiatus!

But, unfortunately, due to technical difficulties (as in, I seem to be cursed with computers), we won’t be up with full functionality until next week at best. So…yeah. You’ve been warned. Which is why my Stacking the Shelves post isn’t happening this week – Old Faithful (my old, old laptop which has been faithfully serving me in the interim) doesn’t have the capacity for Photoshop right now, which is what I use to create my WWW Wednesday and Stacking the Shelves posts. Sadly enough. So, if you guys can hang in there with me, thank you for doing so.

But! Look forward to a new Manga Monday segment next Monday, as well as a (TBD) upcoming chat/round table discussion post about fanfiction and publishing with friend of the blog Patricia @ Book Exhibitionism, Kristin @ Beneath the Shining Stars, I read, and possibly others. If you’re a book blogger who’s in fandom, or reads/writes fanfiction and want to participate, shoot me a tweet or email and let me know as we’re still looking for a few people to participate.

In the blog tour arena, we’re on board for “The Madman’s Daughter” tour with Harper on January 23rd, The “Scarlet” blog tour with Macmillan on February 2nd,  the Triple Threat Blog Tour from Bloomsbury for “Dance of Shadows” and “Hysteria” on February 28th and March 15th, respectively.  Look forward to all of these, because they are going to be AWESOME.

And of course, more reviews! YEAH!

Forever blogging loudly,

Usagi ❤


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