News and stuff! Blog Tours, Interviews, NaNoWriMo, and more!


Hey there, guys!

So, the blog is still on semi-hiatus, but there’s some stuff I thought I’d let you know about.

First, I’m done with NaNoWriMo for the year! Well, almost. Me and winglesswarrior managed to get over the 100,000 word hurtle without even finishing editing our pile o’ google docs for the “War Son” project that we’ve amassed for the month of November alone. Of course, it’s still in first draft form so it’s nowhere near perfect, but you get the idea. I’m pretty proud of us.

14798443Second, blog tour news! BOANW will be on the blog tours for Megan Miranda’s “Hysteria” and Yelena Black’s “Dance of Shadows” next January and February, respectively. I’m pretty excited for both as I’ve been nipping and tasting both books and so far? They’re definitely looking like best of 2013 so far material. More news on the tour as it develops, but it’s looking like an interview and a guest post for these tours, so stay tuned!

12788061Third, I’m going to be trying to make the deadline for World Weaver Press’ winter romance anthology for 2013. I have until the 31st to get 20,000 words out, but I have an idea, and here’s hoping it works. I’m not sure what I’m writing yet, but I figure I better do it anyway, just to see what might come out of me. It’s novella material, around 80 pages double-spaced (at least, that’s what google said 20,000 words equalled out to in manuscript form). More news on that as it develops, too!

13591672Fourth, we have an interview from Chris Howard (“Rootless”) coming your way fairly soon. He’s an awesome dude with some absolutely awesome ideas, so I can’t wait to see what my questions yield. And lastly, the Review Copy Wipeout schedule has been updated for your amusement. Or my torture. Take your pick.

So, guys, BOANW will be back in firm form a week or two after New Year’s, so enjoy the rest of your year! We’ll see you again soon.




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