Review: “Angel & Faith: Daddy Issues (Angel & Faith #2)” by Christos Gage

Title: “Angel and Faith: Daddy Issues (Angel & Faith #2)”

Author: Christos Gage, Joss Whedon

Genre: Paranormal, Manga & Comics

Publication Date: November 21, 2012 (Dark Horse Comics – North America)

Source: NetGalley Review Copy

Summary: The dark streets of London are increasingly dangerous as murderers, mystically devoid of emotion, begin to impact the lives of Angel and Faith. In unraveling this new mystery, the pair follow clues in the Watcher’s Files to a demon from Giles’s past and a “child” from Angel’s. Then, Drusilla returns to her homeland and becomes the hot new vampire in the underground scene! While Angel faces Dru, Faith must deal with issues that reawaken her inner turmoil—a visit from her deadbeat dad, who’s looking for a favor, and a troubled Slayer hell bent on revenge. Collects Angel & Faith issues #6–10.

☆: 4/5 – another great episode in this continuation of the Buffyverse!

Review: This was another great adventure into one of my favorite spin-offs from the Buffyverse so far. Angel and Faith continue to make a great team, and it just makes me all the happier that she (and Angel) finally got her/their own storyline. This volume in the series is all about the past continuing to haunt both Angel and Faith, coming back in the present with some major repercussions, and not without some pain involved. Also, a cliffhanger featuring everyone’s favorite witch! What’s not to love?

What I loved the most – Faith’s journey into her own pain, out of it, and back in again. Angel saves her from herself eventually, but the quick dip into Faith’s childhood (with a visit from her father) was some of the best insight we’ve had into Faith’s character and how it formed since the show was actually on the air. What has been driving her since a child was really brought out in this book, as well as why she also tends to run from what drives her, making for a great balance between the two.

And then there’s Drusilla, one of my favorite vamps from the original series. I’m so glad she’s back, even if in this one volume in a limited capacity. The way she was brought back (I won’t reveal how) was not only really original, but fun, too. And the length of her appearance in this book was just enough for me to enjoy, and leave her behind again.

What I could have done without: the aunts at the end of this volume. I felt like they were more than just a bit of filler to get to the cliffhanger, and I think that while they added texture to Giles’ personal history (which gets a lot of great scenes in this particular book in general, a definite plus for not only the development of his character but of this spin-off in general), otherwise, I didn’t really feel like they needed to be there.

Overall? Another great addition to this series, and I’m definitely looking forward to more. “Angel & Faith: Daddy Issues” will be out from Dark Horse Comics on November 21, 2012, so Buffy fans, be sure to check it out! It’s definitely a whole lot of fun.


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