Crewel Blog Tour Stop: “Origins of Crewel” Guest Post by Gennifer Albin!

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my stop on the Crewel Blog Tour! Today, we have a guest post from author Gennifer Albin on how she constructed the world of “Crewel”, including designing the world and why she did what she did. Very interesting stuff! See what she has to say below the jump!

Cover for “Crewel” prequel novella, “Department of Alterations”.

Origins of Crewel

by Gennifer Albin

It always amusing me when someone gushes over the worldbuilding in Crewel. Its definitely the first thing that comes up in discussion. Why is it so funny? Because the first draft had no world. None at all. It was all dialogue and plot, so when I went in to build the world of Arras, I had no clue where to start.

I ended up building off the concept of Spinsters, making them femme fatales rather than old maids. From there, I added a splash of Old Hollywood glamour, dressing my characters in silk stockings and pin heels. Not only was this due to personal taste, but I felt that it lent a very important feeling to the world. Arras is a place where beauty, power, and control are interchangeable.

The Looms were one of the trickiest things to imagine. I strongly associated the idea of weaving and looms with high fantasy (perhaps because of the poem, The Lady of Shallott). I love high fantasy but I felt strongly that it was more interesting to explore this concept within the context of pseudo-science. Plus, the clicking gears of the looms has a bit of a steampunk vibe, a genre I love!

Arras is a world of manipulation and control, so I wanted the worldbuilding to reflect the cat and mouse game Adelice finds herself in. It’s a place where everything is smoke and mirrors, and we’re not sure who to trust while also being the kind of place where rivals might banter like the characters in an old black and white movie. In many ways it’s my ideal world and my worst nightmare.

Thanks for guest posting today, Gennifer!

This is what I love, folks. Stuff like this! I can’t wait for book two. “Crewel” is on sale now in North America and Europe is coming next, so be sure to check it out when you get the chance. Its place on my best of 2012 list is very well deserved, so read the book and find out why!

You can follow Gennifer on twitter under the username @GenniferAlbin, and you can also read the short story that’s the prequel to this book, “The Department of Alterations”, on here. Gennifer will be on tour with friends of the blog Caragh O’Brien, Leigh Bardugo, and Marie Rutkoski for the fall Fierce Reads tour, and you can find more info on that here! If you’re able to get to one of their signings – do it. They’re awesome people, and their books definitely deserve lots of love.


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