Top Ten Tuesday – Week 43

Top Ten Tuesday  is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We’d love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists! Each week we will post a new Top Ten list  that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join.

This week’s theme: Usagi’s Top Ten Book Blogger Confessions

Oh boy, do I have quite a few of these. I’m not holding back, because this is the perfect moment to vent and heal. I may sound like a total bitch by the end of this, but I promise you, I’m not. At least, unless you pull some of the things listed below. ❤

1. Dramallamas – Good god, am I sick of all of the drama going around the community. I’m really tired of bloggers HAVING TO QUIT because someone has harrassed them into it (I’m looking at you, GRbullies). We’ve lost three great bloggers in the past two months alone, and I don’t want to lose any more of them. Seriously. Chill, everyone.

2. Self-Pubs: Up until all of the drama, I was more than happy to look over any self-pubs that came my way. But since, I’ve been wary. Why? I don’t want to deal with the drama (and quite frankly, more than just a few were terrible even though they sounded awesome). Until we all calm down, I’m just not accepting any self-pubs. I’m sorry. I wish it were different, but…/kanye shrug You get the idea. I love self-pubs, don’t get me wrong, but I am NOT loving the behavior that’s coming pre-packaged with it.

3. ANYONE trying to do a review inquiry to me on GR: Sorry, that’s an auto-block for me now. I was getting a lot of requests, most of them for books that I’ve stated I have no interest in reading, genre-wise. Even small pubs were doing it, so I had to put my foot down on GR a few weeks ago. I hate it when I have to do that. For those who want inquiries from any book blogger? Take a look at their rules first. You might actually get a review that way.

4. Book bloggers who flaunt very coveted ARCs waaaaaay before their pub date: I really try not to be one of these people, but I know I’ve ended up looking like an ass more than once because of this. I try not to flail publicly about an awesome book, and I try not to brag, and I think I’ve been doing a better job at it now that I’m fully in the swing of things. I just find it awful that some bloggers kind of hold these ARCs over the heads of everyone else so far else ahead of the time – it’s cruel.

5. I am the ultimate book blogger cliche – I want my novel to be published: YES, THIS IS ME, I TOTALLY ADMIT IT. Actually, my first book is in the hands of an agent right now. Hopefully she’ll take me on, and if not, well, I can always try again. I hope I’m not jinxing myself actually talking about it, which is why I’ve been silent on the issue except to friends.

6. ARCs are not the end all of things: I have to keep reminding myself this when I get denied a particularly coveted title. I’ll get my chance at it after it’s published. But I think we all forget this in the community and get upset about it a lot. I know I do.

7. I’m sick of “TEAM BOY A” versus “TEAM BOY B” Web Badges: For many many reasons, but I just kind of find it particularly obnoxious. Not unexpected, but…I guess since YA is so oversaturated right now with love triangles, I just can’t take it anymore. You know what would be awesome? If it were TEAM BOY A versus TEAM BOY B for a male MC stuck in a triangle – more GLBT love triangles would be totally sweet.

8. No more slut-shaming in lit: In ANY genre or ANY lit. I’m sick of the purity myth (particularly in YA lit) and how one’s virginity measures one’s worth. Sorry, it doesn’t measure your worth and it SHOULDN’T measure your worth. Don’t let yourself or your MC be defined by her virginity (or lack thereof).

9. Disappoint in the number of male book bloggers: They seem so few. I only know of a handful compared to the female blogging masses. Come on, guys, get with it! We don’t bite. Hard.

10.  Book Blogging Burnout is starting to happen: I’m starting to get hardcore burnt out from book blogging, but I think that just means another hiatus is in order fairly soon. Probably in November. (Or, if I get to work on the book, sooner than that.) I know I’m not the only one, and while that’s comforting, it’s still not a great feeling.

BONUS CONFESSION #1: I’m terrible with answering with comments and I lurk a LOT. But if you catch me on twitter, I think you’ll find me fairly chatty. Sorry I’m not great at that part of web etiquette, dudes.

BONUS CONFESSION #2: I don’t lend out my books often – not even to my mother. Why? Damage and loss. I had a bad experience in college with a friend that nearly destroyed my copy of “Shimotsuma Monogatari”, lost the cover, etc when I let it to her for her translation class. Luckily the spine is still in one piece, as are all of the pages. I’ve had more than a few books never get returned. My mother has gotten better about not dog-earing the pages, but I’m reluctant to lend to her. Believe me, I get VICIOUS when it comes to book damage. Hence, why I get reluctant about lending out my books.

Wow, that feels a lot better. Thanks for listening. And be sure to participate this week at the Broke and the Bookish!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Week 43

  1. good confessions, molly. i agree with a lot of these. i hate drama and i am also really wary of self pubs now. dudes, we’re doing this because we love books and i really don’t need people cyber stalking or bullying me. i am super sad about a blogger that has stopped recently.

    i hear you on burnout, too. it takes a lot of effort to run a blog and sometimes you just need a break.

    haha and i don’t lend out books either unless i really trust the person. thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi,
    I’m a little confused regarding your #2 confession: Self Pubs. I’m a self published author (One Last Lie) getting great reviews on both Amazon and GoodReads. I understand that many self-published books are terrible. (I’ve started MANY myself and couldn’t get through the first chapter!) What I’m not understanding is the “drama” you reference. What are these authors doing? And why are they ruining potential reviews for the rest of us? Trying to market a self-published book is difficult enough without getting a bad rep from a few nuts. If I know what they’re doing I can tell all I know to STOP IT!!!

    Goodreads and Amazon.

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