Birth of a New Witch is on HIATUS!

Hey, folks.

For the next two weeks (or so), the blog is on vacation. And so am I! I’m off to Palm Desert next week for another ten days.

I have two words for you, children: POOL BAR. And reading, but mostly pool bar, by which I will be doing my reading. And watching the Olympics. And napping.

So, aside from my weekly StS post  and scheduled interview for this week, as well as  a few reviews scheduled for the next two weeks, there will be no activity on the blog for the next two weeks. No memes. No other features. But hey, don’t be sad! Once I’m all refreshed and rested up, the blog will be back to its normal awesome status, bringing you the latest in unpopular opinions of young adult novels and more.

If you’re on instagram, I’ll be posting pictures from my trip there real time – you can follow me by clicking on the camera icon on the left. Or on twitter, because my instagram posts also get echoed there, too. Either way.

With many hearts (and no regrets),



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