TGIF: Week 19

Hosted by GReads!. Who’s ready for the weekend?!  I know I am!  I’m introducing a new(ish) feature for Fridays to re-cap the week’s posts & to propose a question for my followers.

This week’s prompt: Quotes That Make You Swoon: What are some of the most swoon-worthy quotes you’ve experienced in a book?

Answer: I’ll be honest – I don’t swoon very often when reading books. Maybe that makes me less of a girl than others, I don’t know, but here are some quotes that I really, really liked or got close to swooning over:

“The boy won’t talk. And If he does, I’ll kill him. Him, Ned Stark, the King, the whole bloody lot of them until you and I are the only people left in this world.” Jaime Lannister, “A Game of Thrones” by George R R Martin

“Tears aren’t a woman’s only weapon. The best one’s between your legs.” Cersei Lannister, “A Game of Thrones” by George R R Martin

“I shouldn’t have done that,” I said.
That was when I kissed him again.
May God forgive me for this and all these things I’ve done.” – Anya Balanchine, “All These Things I’ve Done” by Gabrielle Zevin

“She moved like a poem and smiled like a sphinx.”Laini Taylor, “Daughter of Smoke & Bone”

“You know what you are, don’t you?” she asks. “You’re my salvation. My way to atone. To pay for everything I’ve done.”
“Anna,” I say. “Don’t ask me to do this.”

– Anna and Cas, “Anna Dressed in Blood” by Kendare Blake




What are your swoon-worthy quotes? Participate at GReads! this week!


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