ALA 2012!

Hey guys!

I’ll be attending ALA this weekend (from today until Monday), so posts might get slow for a bit. But don’t worry! I’ll be posting at the end of each day with the day’s highlights (and lowlights), as well as updating the twitter feed (@usagiko, under the hashtag #ala12) and the instagram feed (link to your left – the icon of the camera under “other places you can find me”. Username is @thatusagiko, so feel free to add me to your instagram feeds!) throughout the day. I’ll be in good company with Alethea, Kimberly, and Thuy from Read Now Sleep Later & Read Now Sleep Later: Night Lite, Zareen from Reach for the Stars and the Books, Ishita from The Reading Fish and many many more other awesome bloggers. There will also be some after-con events tomorrow night and Sunday morning.

I’m pretty excited as this is my first time, and I’m never able to get to BEA (it’s across the country and expensive!), so I’m psyched to meet up again with bloggy friends and am excited to make new ones, too! If you see me wandering around, don’t be afraid to say hi (though tweet me first and wave me toward who you are!). I don’t bite. Hard.

That being said, my Stacking the Shelves entry for the week will be done today before I leave for tonight’s opening ceremonies, and ALA books (whatever and how many they might be) will come later. For the sake of my sanity.

Anyway, the gals at RNSL have put together a fantastic post on how to do ALA, and you can find it here. I highly recommend you consult it before venturing out later today. And remember, bloggers, let’s be classy. This is the librarians’ party, and they’ve been kind enough to invite us. Let’s not trash their (collective) house or puke in their closets or take more than one review copy when it says TAKE ONE. We want to be invited back. We want everyone to get along together. So let’s try to do that, shall we?

Lots of love,



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