Shadow & Bone party recap!

So, you guys may have read Read Now Sleep Later’s recap of the event (and saw their awesome pictures!), so I decided to do my own. Sadly, it was SO packed in there (seriously, Leigh can draw a crowd), I only got a few awesome pictures, and definitely not as awesome as Alethea’s candy pictures!

Seriously, though? This event was awesome. One of the best book-related functions I’ve ever been to. I just wish the space had been a bit bigger, because my claustrophobia was starting to scream inside of my head. There were treats, champagne, swag, and my favorite part, Leigh weeping in gratitude and reading us some of her 12-year-old self’s epic fantasy novel that never before saw the light of day. (Leigh, I’d LOVE to see Blood the Assassin show up in the Grisha trilogy. Just sayin’.)  What can I say? I love watching girls cry. But her words were touching, and her advice and story on how writing got her out of a big black depression hole (kind of like the ones in the drug ads, I’m guessing) was really inspiring. Dragged co-conspirator and author buddy Aurora Gray with me, and we had a blast.

Jennifer Bosworth (author of “Struck”) showed up in full Tsarpunk attire with a chained bear (!), and was a sweetheart to talk to when everyone was in line for signing. Leigh also sold out the entire store of all of their copies of the book – and I’m so happy she did! This book really deserves the read, so I’m glad that many more people, if they haven’t already, will be reading it. Once Skylight Books gets their file up, you’ll be able to listen to a podcast of the entire event here.

Leigh is currently on the Fierce Reads tour for Macmillan with fellow authors Jennifer Bosworth (“Struck”), Anna Banks (“Of Poseidon”), Jessica Brody (“52 Reasons to Hate My Father)”, and Marissa Meyer (“Cinder”). If their tour should roll through your town, DEFINITELY go see it – these are some seriously awesome and classy ladies, and the content is not to be missed! You can check if they’re going through your neighborhood at the Fierce Reads page here.

Now, for some pictures:

Leigh reads from “Shadow and Bone”.

The comic gift I brought her, as drawn by me: “Mr. Monkeyman Goes to Ravka”. I’m glad she liked it! (And so does Mr. Monkeyman the Monkey Butler!)

Aurora’s notebook, my copy of “Shadow and Bone”, and our glasses of classy champagne.

Getting ready to show the awesome trailer Macmillan put together for the book…

Leigh reads from her 12-year-old self’s manuscript about Blood the Assassin.

Leigh talking about depression and writing (and crying).

My book, as signed by Leigh! ❤

The book and the swag it came with!

So, overall? An awesome night! I can’t wait for the launch party for the next book. Be sure to catch Leigh and her fellow Macmillan authors on the Fierce Reads tour near you soon!


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