Fun Stuff: Literary Games for the Book Nerd

Okay, so, I completely and totally blame Felicia Day and her Flog telling me about and getting me addicted to Failbetter Games’ “Fallen London” – a browser-playable social networking text-based RPG sort of game where you go through an alternate-history, steampunky London after getting out of jail. I’ve been having a TON of fun with it, and then when I poked around Failbetter’s site, I found this:

Yes, you heard me. “The Night Circus”, one of my favorite debuts of last year, now has a similar game from Failbetter (and it’s officially sanctioned by the author). And though I wish there were more graphics, this is an absolutely charming text game. No doubt a lot of people coming into it are going to be confused (as some of my friends were when introducing them to “Fallen London” and how to play), but “Night Circus” is far easier to learn, as it follows parts of the book that are written in second person POV, where you as the audience directly interact with the circus itself. It’s in the vein of the “choose your own adventure” genre of books (I LOVED those as a kid), as is “Fallen London”, where you can pick your routes throughout the circus and London (in both separate games) by clicking on the choices given to you with each card you draw.

Anyway, I’m having a blast, and I’d love to have more friends for both games. You can catch me here for “The Night Circus”, and here for “Fallen London”. If you’d like an invite to either game, shoot me a tweet and I’ll do so. I look forward to playing with everyone!


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