three words challenge 01: commie burrito, 02: the gilded number

So, friend Aurora Gray helped start up the 3wordchallenge tumblr, and she invited me to participate. So I am. Not as frequently as I could or should be, but I am. So I’ll be crossposting my answers from my new writing-only tumblr, killing mermaids. Anyway, here’s the first of my answers to the challenges.






Morgause looked down at the cinnamon crispy things that Pan got at Taco Bell – by far one of the only edible things to come from such a horrible place. She nibbled at it, and watched him put away two huge burritos and go back for more.

“How can you eat this shit?” She mumbled, shying away from the grease-stained bag, the smell making her stomach lurch.

He looked back as she sipped at her coke, jaw working as he chewed, blinking blankly.

“What? I wanted food, I asked you if you wanted anything. You didn’t make any specific requests.” He flicked absently at his faded t-shirt, a silly red thing that Asmo got for him for a birthday one year that had the founding fathers of Communism with lampshades on their heads. Morgause bit her tongue, trying not to laugh as another blob of rice and beans hit Stalin right in the face.

Party on, comrades.

“I didn’t know you’d be going there.” She chewed on her straw, a sharp canine grazing the plastic before puncturing it.

He sighed. “Look, I know Morgana’s off helping out at Candyland tonight, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch about it.” He licked pulverized beans from ink-stained fingers, his sketchpad thrown in the corner of the room, a sketch of his grove still incomplete, the shading haphazard and crosshatched.

“You know I’m not good at being al-“

“You’re not alone.” He gave her a glare, then tore viciously into his last burrito.

“You know what I mean. I’m not good at being…without her.” She avoided his gaze.

He sighed and finished his food, then threw the remnants out. Washed his hands, opened the windows, aired out the room. Morgause still chewed viciously on her straw, so much so that it was starting to shred. He watched her watching him watching her.

Waiting for the other to break.

She finally slammed down the empty cup, ice scattering onto the carpet and pushed herself against him and into his arms, head against his chest. He stroked her hair.

“I think you’re doing just fine.”

She didn’t have to look at him to know he was smiling.

*pan’s shirt can be found here:




golden ratio


The mermaids looked at Leviathan, pointed, and laughed. Their tails flicked, sending water further ashore, a tiny tsunami, a pitiful thing that crashed weakly against Levi’s feet.

“You can’t swim.” Goldilocks sneered, flicking a more violent wave at Levi’s wings, which acted more like fins in the water. “You’re a sky-thing.”

“You’ll just drown.” Gingerflower declared, “Your kind made as a golden ratio with which to copy all other creatures? Please. If you can’t swim, you’re not worth anything at all.”

Lilypad just stared at herself in a shallow tide pool, a mirror she used to braid her hair. “I like her wings.”

“What do you mean?” The other two rounded on her, all teeth and viciousness, hands snagged in the long tangles of hair that looked as if it were blonde-green from too much chlorine in a pool. “She’s a sky-thing. She’s not worth anything at all!”

“Her wings are magic. Can’t you see them? They are our colors. Blue and green.” Lilypad choked out, trying not to feel the pain stabbing at her scalp from her sisters’ tight grip.

“She will never have our colors.” Gingerflower roared.

“She is not good enough to have our colors.” Goldilocks snarled, twisting Lilypad jerking her head up right to face them both.

Leviathan just watched. Amused that they were treating her as if she weren’t there before her, but sad for the youngest sister named Lilypad.

Lilypad obviously never had her innocence battered before by things like the golden ratio, the perfect number that is found in every living thing everywhere, the number of spaces with which to make things balanced and beautiful.

She’d never had her magic taken away from her like that. As she watched the older sisters in their cruelty, she decided she’d had enough. She saw Belial’s face as Lucifer pressed hot metal chains into her legs, a flash from the past that superimposed itself on Lilypad’s face for one moment.

It was enough to make her run into the surf, and show the mermaids what real magic was.



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