Review: “FLCL (Omnibus Edition” by GAINAX & Ueda Hajime

Title: “FLCL (Omnibus Edition)”

Author: GAINAX & Ueda Hajime

Genre: Manga, Omnibus, Re-releases, YA, Sci-Fi, Speculative

Publication Date: May 15, 2012 (expected)

Summary: The complete FLCL manga adaptation-now with bonus color illustrations and remastered story pages! In this surreal sci-fi romp, a sullen Japanese boy finds himself in the middle of an interstellar conspiracy. As his home life unravels, a sexy space assassin becomes his family maid, and his own head becomes a portal for armed robots. Life as he knows it is quickly falling apart, and Naota doesn’t know who’s friend or foe! One thing’s for certain-he has to grow up quick and save his hometown, whether he wants to or not! With Dark Horse’s FLCL Omnibus, fans will not only get every chapter in Hajime Ueda’s acclaimed FLCL adaptation, but this collection will also include revised story pages and over a dozen color FLCL illustrations by Ueda.

☆: 4/5 – yet another gorgeous new re-release from Dark Horse!

Review: As I’ve already read “FLCL” in manga form, I’m going to focus on Dark Horse’s omnibus re-release edition of this awesome work from the quintessential GAINAX canon. Dark Horse has done a wonderful job with this re-release, like they have with the CLAMP omnibuses that they’ve been releasing for the last few years and they don’t disappoint with a fresh new translation and lovely extras. Whether you’re new to “FLCL” or an old fan, this is definitely a must-have edition either way.

“FLCL” in manga form is a whole different animal than the anime that spawned it – it’s full of more sex, more violence, and a generally darker tone with lots of black humor to go around. This was previously released by Tokyopop, and the translation was adequate, but Dark Horse’s re-release is absolutely gorgeous. Where Tokyopop kind of scrimped on the delicious extras only available in the Japanese edition, Dark Horse has brought them back with full color plates and sketches before every chapter on high-quality glossy stock paper.

They’ve also rejuvenated older pages, making the sketches sharper and pop off the page – so this was a real pleasure to read, compared to Tokyopop’s kind-of-sub-par release years back. It’s so nice to see GAINAX get the attention it deserves with this re-release, and it fills me with hope for maybe a re-release of the original “Evangelion” manga in omnibus format at some point. They really did a great job with this one, guys, so it’s a definite must-read and must-buy for any manga fan!

The omnibus edition of “FLCL” from Dark Horse will be out May 15, 2012 in North America – other places, check with your local bookseller. Definitely one of the better manga re-releases in the last few years so it’s highly recommended!


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