Three Things Thursday: Week 13

So, it’s come time for me to fill the blog with things that matter more personally to me than just books. So here comes Three Things Thursday, a new meme to fill that space that’s left unoccupied by reading material. Okay, sometimes it will include books, but you get what I mean.

You can participate, too! Leave your link with your three things for this week’s prompt in the comments section. I’d love to have some friends doing this meme – the more, the merrier! ❤

This week’s three things are: 3 of my most anticipated albums releasing this year!

I love my music, guys. And I’m so excited to find out that three of my favorite bands are releasing new albums all throughout the year! Let’s get to the list, shall we?

1. Garbage – Not Your Kind of People – It’s been seven years since we’ve had a Garbage album, guys, and it’s high time that they released something. And the first single off of it is absolutely delicious. You can download “Blood for Poppies” (first single off of the new album) for free at their official site, It’s really, really good and I’m ridiculously excited for it. It drops in May!


2. Metric – Synthetica – This one doesn’t have too many details available about it yet, but really excited for it nonetheless. I love my Metric (and Emily Haines), though the description that it will be the “culmination” of everything they’ve done to date is a bit worrying – I hope there isn’t any breaking up in those plans! Either way, I can’t wait until this gets released in June!


3. Tokyo Jihen – Tokyo Collection – This one has already dropped (released in Japan at the end of February) and the band’s broken up, but I haven’t heard the album yet. I’m dying to. This is their final effort – the last over seven awesome years of music, and I’m really pretty sad about it. Yet the mini-album they released in January as a teaser, “Color Bars” was absolutely fantastic and totally classy. But I know that they’ll all go on to do great things, so I’m not worried. But still. Need this album NOW. (And the last concert DVD, too!)



What are your most anticipated albums dropping this year? Let me know! I’m curious as to everyone’s music tastes on this one.


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