Soundtrack Saturday 08: “the wither ep”

Hey guys! It’s a new feature! Everyone get up and dance!

No, really. Dance. Sing. This is Soundtrack Saturday, where you go ahead and pick one book you’ve recently finished (and liked) and make a soundtrack for it.

I’ll occasionally make up a challenge for the week, but otherwise, look above for the same prompt.

I’ll be hosting all of my mixes on 8tracks, a really awesome site that lets you make mixes and listen to others. It’s extremely easy to use. You can upload your own .mp3/mp4 files or choose those from users who have already uploaded the song you want to use. You must pick at least 8 tracks in order to publish your mix, so for this weekly meme, pick 8 tracks. Or if you’re not able to use 8tracks/upload, then give me a list of eight songs for the book you chose for that week.

Optional: for extra fun, create and upload cover art for your mix.

Please use the image to the left for your Soundtrack Saturday posts (and upload it to your own server!), and be sure to post your specific weekly link in the comments!

This week’s soundtrack: “Wither” and “Fever” by Lauren DeStefano

1. garbage – blood for poppies
To lift the sun,
I’ve been sitting here all night long
Rolling rock, over Buddha with the longhorn
Got a hole, rip a pocket off my uniform
With the black watch boys
Get your heads down

2. emily haines – our hell (live @ NPR)
First one rent is hard to find,
We’re paralyzed, we apologize; our hell is a good life.
Last one run but where’s my prize, under the lights?
Can we call it in when we’re on the road?
Can we stop? When we stop
My face will turn your face towards your friends.

3. skillrex feat. penny – all i ask of you
In comes the dawn,
I’ve fallen asleep with my head pressed against your flaws

4. fiona apple – anything we want
to the places where i wanted you to kiss me
he came we can do anything we want

5. cross record – night beach (instrumental)

6. lila rose – casting shadows
Casting shadows in the dark
Find a way to heal the stark
There’s no need to revive
I couldn’t burn myself alive
(Unbelievably cold right now
Even if I tried
I couldn’t burn myself alive)

7. karen o – hello tomorrow
Whenever I wake up
I’m trying to take the shape of
Turning to the whole wide world
I made up.
The lights are golden…
Go where the lights turn dark

8. julia stone – let’s forget all the things that we say
The frost is slowly falling
In my heart it’s calling you
Ice is slowly melting away
Let’s forget all the things that we say.


What is your soundtrack for your book this Saturday?


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