Three Things Thursday: Week 10

So, it’s come time for me to fill the blog with things that matter more personally to me than just books. So here comes Three Things Thursday, a new meme to fill that space that’s left unoccupied by reading material. Okay, sometimes it will include books, but you get what I mean.

You can participate, too! Leave your link with your three things for this week’s prompt in the comments section. I’d love to have some friends doing this meme – the more, the merrier! ❤

This week’s three things are: Three Genres Usagi Would Like to See More of in YA fiction:

1. Dynastical early 20th century historical fiction: Think “Downton Abbey” or “Brideshead Revisited”, folks, because I’m totally besotted with this sub-genre of literary fiction.  It looks like YA is starting to pick up with the trend with books like the “Flappers” and “Bright Young Things” series, not to mention the forthcoming “Wentworth Hall”, but I could certainly stand to see more of this in YA right now.

2. Biopunk: “Brain Jack” and “Uglies” are perhaps the best examples I can think of for YA in this genre, but I could definitely do with more. Anything that takes with monkeying about with the human body to make a post/super-human…human? creature? well, story, is sorely needed.

3. More stuff with secret societies, paranormal or not: “Rampant” and “Grave Mercy” are definitely the stars of this genre, hands down. I’d love to see more stories of this sort show up in YA, though it doesn’t always have to be about the paranormal. There seems to be so few books with this as it is…but at least they’re good ones.


What are your three this Thursday?

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