EYE ON INDIES 02: “Everblue” by Brenda Pandos

Hipster cat is back, ladies and gentlemen, so that means it’s time for another (late) edition of Eye on Indies! This month, I’m focusing on “Everblue” by Brenda Pandos. I was a bit harsh on my review, I know, but it really is a great story that I think that everyone should get into, especially if they like mermaids and fantasy.

This is another book that started out very quietly and within the group of fans that enjoy indie press/self-published books, and Pandos is no stranger to popularity, since many love her “Talisman” series (the last book, “The Onyx Talisman”, should be out soon!). But then it started reaching into mainstream YA, and so many new indies fans were also starting to work their way into the indies world from YA. If that makes sense.

What really caught my eye about the blurb was the idea of a girl discovering an entire world she’d been taught was just a myth. I love stories like that, especially about discovery and self-discovery, so it definitely hooked me the first time I read the blurb, and the hook only sank deeper into me when I read the book itself. The entire world that Ash discovers in “Everblue” is a mix of dystopia and Disney’s version of “The Little Mermaid” – at least, that’s how I visualized the palace in Natatoria, that of the same of the one portrayed in “Little Mermaid”. Not all is well under the sea, the crabs don’t dance and sing, and the King has grown paranoid and oppressive. It’s hard to mix fantasy like this and dystopia, but Pandos did it well, and I am definitely looking forward to the sequel, whenever it does come out.

So take a chance on “Everblue” this month for your indies reading choice, because it does deserve the hype and attention it’s getting. It may not be the most polished book in the bunch, but it’s definitely a fun end-of-summer read that will have you craving the sea when you’re done.

Don’t forget to check out my review, either! You can find it here.


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