In My Mailbox ♡: Week 22

In My Mailbox: A weekly meme as hosted by The Story Siren.

What is In My Mailbox?
In My Mailbox was started in November of 2008. What it all came down to was this: I get books to read and then ultimately share my thoughts about with my readers. As much as I want to, I can’t possibly read every book I receive. Yet, I still wanted a way to feature those books on the blog, even though it might not be in the form of a review. Problem solved!

Week 22: Here’s what’s in my mailbox this week!


1. “Luminous” by Dawn Metcalf (won via Refracted Light Reviews – thanks so much!)

2. “The Immortality Virus” by Christine Amsden (won via I am a Reader, not a Writer – thanks!!)

Man, oh man, was I excited to get some of my winnings this week – and there’s more on the way! I especially can’t wait to start digging into “Luminous”. It just looks so luscious.


1. “Anasazi (Sense of Truth #2)” by Emma Michaels (via the author/ – thanks!)

2. “Demon Lover” by Juliet Dark (netgalley)

3. “The Juliet Spell” by Douglas Rees (netgalley)

4. “The Shattering” by Karen Healey (netgalley)

5. “The Choir Boats” by Daniel A. Rabuzzi(netgalley)

6. “Slumber (Chronicles of the Fade #1)” by Samantha Young (via the author – thanks so much!)

7. “The Poison Diaries: Nightshade (The Poison Diaries #2)” by Maryrose Wood (netgalley)

8. “Tankborn” by Karen Sandler (netgalley)

Some of these were random requests that piqued my interest on netgalley, some were ones I’d been wanting to read for awhile but hadn’t been able to. I need to find the first book for “The Poison Diaries” at some point, huh? It looks like my library has the audiobook (score!) but not the actual book. Hrm. “Slumber” and “Tankborn” look especially delicious, too. Om nom nom, my nook will have something to chew on for a bit.



1. “Love Struck” by Melissa Marr

2. “Working Stiff” by Rachel Caine

3. “The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb” by Melanie Benjamin

I had a gift certificate I had to use, so I couldn’t resist these. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about “Tom Thumb” and “Working Stiff”, and I’ll pretty much read anything that Marr puts out, so there’s that. I should have gotten the new “Caster Chronicles” novella, but that will have to wait for now, alas.



1. “Delirium: Special Edition” cover from Lauren Oliver (thank you so much!)

My new limited edition cover from Lauren Oliver came today! I was lucky enough to win it (apparently I was within the first fifty who requested it from her directly). I’m so excited! But what to do with the original cover? For now, I’ve decided to use both (yes, that’s right, both), since I’m anal-retentive about that sort of thing. And I hadn’t realized the naked hardcover was so beautiful, either!


What was in your mailbox this week?


3 thoughts on “In My Mailbox ♡: Week 22

  1. You received a great assortment of books this week! I want to pick up the special edition of Delirium just for the Pandemonium excerpt. Congrats on winning the dust jacket, as well as Luminous and The Immortality VIrus. I look forward to your reviews of Mrs. Tom Thumb and Working Stiff.
    Enjoy all your lovely books!

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