Soundtrack Saturday 04: “The Dark & Hollow Places EP” – Soundtrack for Carrie Ryan’s “The Dark & Hollow Places”

Hey guys! It’s a new feature! Everyone get up and dance!

No, really. Dance. Sing. This is Soundtrack Saturday, where you go ahead and pick one book you’ve recently finished (and liked) and make a soundtrack for it.

I’ll occasionally make up a challenge for the week, but otherwise, look above for the same prompt.

I’ll be hosting all of my mixes on 8tracks, a really awesome site that lets you make mixes and listen to others. It’s extremely easy to use. You can upload your own .mp3/mp4 files or choose those from users who have already uploaded the song you want to use. You must pick at least 8 tracks in order to publish your mix, so for this weekly meme, pick 8 tracks. Or if you’re not able to use 8tracks/upload, then give me a list of eight songs for the book you chose for that week.

Optional: for extra fun, create and upload cover art for your mix.

Please use the image to the left for your Soundtrack Saturday posts (and upload it to your own server!), and be sure to post your specific weekly link in the comments!

This week’s soundtrack: “THE DARK & HOLLOW PLACES” by Carrie Ryan


1. sean lennon – dead meat

Hope you realise this isn’t a game
You know the price, okay?
Oh, your life could be chaos.

2. sea wolf – black dirt
It may be true that I lied
I broke a promise that I tried
But my heart no longer beats
My blood makes black dirt beneath your feet

3. the shins – caring is creepy
Hail to your dark skin
Hiding the fact that you’re dead again
Underneath the power lines seeking shade
Far above our heads are the icy heights that contain all reason

4. smashing pumpkins – behold! the night mare
So may you come with your own knives
You’ll never take me alive
With all the force of what is true
Is there nothing I can do?

5. placebo – come home
Swinging from the tallest height, with nothing left to hold on to.
Every sky is blue, but not for me and you.
Come home, come home, come home, come home.

6. muse – dead star
Shame on you for thinking
You’re an exception
We’re all to blame
Crashing down to earth
Wasting and burning out
Fading like a dead star
Harm is comin your way
It’s coming your way

7. nine inch nails – survivalism
I got my propaganda
I got revisionism
I got my violence
In hi-def ultra-realism
All a part of this great nation
I got my fist
I got my plan
I got survivalism

8. angelina – telephone booth
And I don’t know why but you stopped calling me years ago
Sorta disappeared without goodbye
And I have a feeling you survived all those hellish days
And you won the life you prophesied


What is your soundtrack for one of your books this Saturday?


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