In My Mailbox ♡: Week 21

In My Mailbox: A weekly meme as hosted by The Story Siren.

What is In My Mailbox?
In My Mailbox was started in November of 2008. What it all came down to was this: I get books to read and then ultimately share my thoughts about with my readers. As much as I want to, I can’t possibly read every book I receive. Yet, I still wanted a way to feature those books on the blog, even though it might not be in the form of a review. Problem solved!

Week 21: Here’s what’s in my mailbox this week!


1. “Circle of Fire (Prophecy of the Sisters #3)” by Michelle Zink (bought)

2. “The Splendor Falls” by Rosemary Clement-Moore (goodreads swap)

3. “Wolfsbane (Witches’ War #2)” by Andrea Cremer (bought)

4. “The Betrayal of Maggie Blair” by Elizabeth Laird (library)

5. “The Demon Trapper’s Daughter” by Jana Oliver (library)

6. “Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac” by Gabrielle Zevin (library)

7. “Wake Unto Me” by Lisa Cach (library)

8. “City of Flowers (Stravaganza #3)” by Mary Hoffman (library)

9. “Illegal” by Bettina Restepo (library)

10. “Never Have I Ever (The Lying Game #2)” by Sara Shepard (library)

11. “The Siren’s Cry” by Jennifer Anne Kogler (library)

12. “Akata Witch” by Nnedi Okorafor (library)

13. “Desires of the Dead (The Body Finder #2)” by Kimberly Derting (library)

14. “The Girl is Murder” by Kathryn Miller Haines (library)

15. “The Mockingbirds” by Daisy Whitney (library)

16. “Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2)” by Kiersten White (library)

17. “The Difference Engine” by William Gibson (not pictured – library used bookstore)

18. “Sacred Hearts” by Sarah Durant (not pictured – library used bookstore)

My hold for “Supernaturally” came in on the actual release day! Now that’s what I call service. Good job, OPL! The rest are ones I’ve wanted to read for a long while and either haven’t had the time or access to do so (I should probably request the rest of the “Stravaganza” series for my library, huh?). And I had a coupon/sale at B&N for preorders on both “Circle of Fire” and “Wolfsbane” so I took advantage. 😀 This should keep me busy until I go on vacation a week from Wednesday.


1. “Flame of Surrender” by Rhiannon Paille (from the author – thanks, bb!)

2. “Interviews: George A. Romero” by Tony Williams (netgalley)

I couldn’t resist requesting this collection of interviews from the Zombie Master himself, George A. Romero (an awesome guy – I saw him live at once at LA’s “Diary of the Dead” screening at the Nuart), and then Rhiannon was sweet enough to send me a beta copy of her book. Here’s hoping it’s as awesome as she is.



What’s in your mailbox this week?


6 thoughts on “In My Mailbox ♡: Week 21

  1. Wow! You’ve got some great books there!!!

    I’m currently finishing up on “Paranormalcy” and loved the book from the very first page, so I HAD to buy “Supernaturally” today LOL

    Also got “Nightshade” on hold at my local library so looking forward to reading “Wolfsbane” as well. I’m also still awaiting to order a copy of “Circle of Fire”.

    Enjoy your reading week 😉

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