Review: “Angel (Omnibus)” by Joss Whedon

Title: “Angel (Omnibus)”

Author: Joss Whedon & Others

Genre: Comix, Paranormal, Film & TV

Publication Date: July 2011

Synopsis: Heralding the return of Angel to Dark Horse Comics!

Angel Omnibus collects all of the orginal Dark Horse Angel comics to date, and features stories by series creator Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews (Serenity: Those Left Behind), and Christopher Golden (Baltimore). Set during seasons one and two of the Angel television series, favorite characters appear – Cordelia, Doyle, Wes, Gunn – as the investigations of LA’s vampire detective agency delve into all that is dark, grotesque, strange, and unexplainable. Angel faces demonic rats, bizarre deaths from spontaneous combustion, Hollywood demons encountered courtesy of Cordelia, angry spirits, zombies, and more!

Before you take a look at the upcoming new Dark Horse Angel comic series and the aftermath of Buffy Season Eight, take a step back and remember Angel’s LA saga!

☆: 4/5: A nice stroll down Whedon Memory Lane, for those who need the reminder.

Review: Just like the synopsis says – for those looking to star the “After the Fall” series (written at the same time as “Buffy: Season 8”) and are looking to remember the TV series, this is definitely for you. This omnibus conveniently collects all of the TV-series era comics that were released while the show was still on the air in anticipation of the release of the “After the Fall” series. As I definitely needed the reminder, this omnibus was wonderfully helpful, and saved me some time instead of having to hunt down all of the comics individually. Even if you’re not wanting to get caught up with the new series, this is still a great compilation of the comics of the old series.

I think that out of all of these, “Strange Bedfellows” was my favorite if just for the “So, how do you feel about vampire hookers?” question within the first few pages of the story. It bought back some of the better memories of the “Angel” series, and helped me reaffirm my love for Whedon’s characters and their fun misadventures. They don’t always have to be witty, but damn, these little episodes can be fun. And I do so miss the detective agency and their wacky cases – I guess that’s what hit home most of all. I miss Whedon material on the small screen, and this was just kind of another reminder of that.

I’m not necessarily a fan of the all of the art with these comics, but each and every story supplements the episodes in a pretty important way, now that I think about it. Especially if you’re going into reading “After the Fall” (which I am), I found this set of the old comics really helpful. If I weren’t going into the new season, I might not necessarily dive right in as I’m more of a “Buffy” than “Angel” fan, though that may change with enough time and exposure. With all of the new Whedon comics coming out (speaking of which, the new “Dollhouse” comics are coming out later this month, oh boy!), and you’re a fan, you need to figure out where your priorities lie, I guess, and then go for it.

This is good prep for the new season, but on their own, they’re not as good as the “Buffy” comics, thus the lesser star count. But still, if you’re a Whedon fan, give them a read and see how you feel about your supplementary “Angel” experience. I’d love to hear about it!


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